Unlocking Your Inner Superhero: The Surprising Benefits of Toxic Relationships

Have you ever considered the impact of someone’s toxic behavior on your life? I have. If you have, too, you might have initially noticed the negative consequences caused by their distorted perspectives or pessimism.

But what if you were to transform those experiences into something positive?

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What's YOUR Superpower?
Have you ever thought about how someone’s toxicity has affected you? I have. If you have too, you might’ve first realized all of the negative ways your life was impacted by someone else’s untreated issues, faulty perceptions, or negativity. But what if you turned those around and gave them a positive spin? This list was compiled from responses given in a support-group for Scapegoat Adult Children of Narcissists. They were asked the question: What superpowers have you developed because you lived with a toxic person?
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