Breaking Free from Narcissistic Trauma Bonds: Healing from the Emotional Wounding

If you suffer from narcissistic abuse syndrome, you are dealing with trauma bonds, as well.

Any behavior that keeps you on high alert or focused on someone’s behavior is capable of forming trauma bonds.

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Break the Trauma Bonds
Those suffering from narcissistic abuse syndrome usually deal with trauma bonds as well. What is a Trauma Bond? Trauma bonds occurs over time through the use of “intermittent reinforcement,” which is a type of behavioral “conditioning” where a reward (or a punishment) is given irregularly instead of every time the desired behavior is observed. In other words, periods of abuse are interspersed with periods of kindness (or the absence of cruelty). This cycle of “always guessing” keeps the target on high alert in survival mode. They never know when the abuser will be cruel or kind. It’s like a game of chance, like playing slot machines or Bingo. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose, but it’s the possibility of winning that keeps you going back for more.
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