The Journey of Healing from Non-Nurturing Relationships

Did you know that our attitude towards ourselves can significantly impact our healing journey? It’s true. Our self-perception, along with the choices we make, can greatly influence our ability to heal from any painful experience.

If we haven’t had the opportunity to develop a strong sense of self during childhood, it can be effortless for us to become adults who willingly give up their personal power. By doing so, we allow others to take control of our decisions and dictate the outcomes of our lives. Initially, it may feel like a relief, freeing us from the fear of making mistakes or choosing incorrectly. It may even feel good to temporarily hand over the reins and let someone else make decisions for us. However, this pattern can easily become our default way of operating.

When we find ourselves in a position where we’ve handed over our personal power to another, we’ve become “people-pleasers.” This is where codependency begins, and it has a significant impact on our healing journey.

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The Journey
So much of our healing, from any hurtful or toxic event, depends on our own attitude. How we feel about ourselves, our choices, and whether or not we have a strong sense of self, all impact our healing process. As children, if we have a weak sense of self, we can easily become followers. We develop “black-and-white” or “ all or none” styles of thinking because we haven’t been allowed (or had an opportunity) to develop the necessary critical thinking skills. When we have faulty thinking skills, the very idea of making a decision can cause much anxiety and fear.
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