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If you’re struggling with feelings of inadequacy, rejection, blame, shame, lack of love, acceptance, support, or being controlled or manipulated by your mother, then this book is for you! Dive into this insightful 33-page digital book that covers everything from manipulative tactics to trauma bonds and how to break them. Learn how to identify the stages of the narcissistic abuse cycle and protect yourself during a narcissistic rage. With space to write about your insights and goals, this book is the perfect starting point for moving forward in your healing journey. Don’t wait any longer to break free from the harmful impact of a narcissistic mother – start the recovery process today.

No need for an e-reader. Simply download and open this high-quality PDF on your device, or print for a physical copy.


Icks, Personality Quirks, or Warning Signs? How to Know the Difference, by Diane Metcalf

If you would like to improve your ability to spot warning signs to protect yourself, you’re invited to gain valuable insight into the world of warning signs and red flags.

Knowing these signs can help you make more informed decisions about any relationship, whether with family, friends, coworkers, or romantic partners.

Your well-being matters, and by understanding and recognizing these relationship warning signs, you can protect yourself from potential emotional, physical, or psychological harm. It’s like putting on a suit of armor made of knowledge and awareness.

Spotting the red flags can help you avoid anyone who may be emotionally unavailable or just plain incompatible with your values and principles, protecting you from frustration, dissatisfaction, and mistreatment.


If you live with a narcissist or toxic person or have one in your life… you already know how much it negatively affects what you think, how you feel, and how you treat yourself. You can change that!

In narcissistic relationships, there’s an unspoken rule: don’t talk about it, don’t trust anyone, and don’t let yourself feel.

If you’re done with that and want to move forward to heal in peace, these books are for you.

Experience the power of self-affirmation: using positive statements to improve well-being and performance. Learn research-based steps to write the most effective affirmations to manifest love, positivity, peace, self-confidence, motivation, success, and other wonderful things.

I AM: A Guided Journey to Your Authentic Self, Workbook, and Journal, by Diane Metcalf


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