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to use:

Save the image to your phone.

Open your photo app and open the image.

In the menu, choose “use as wallpaper.”

Pinch and zoom to crop, enlarge and center.

There is empty space at the top for your clock and widgets.

The Story

It was a time in my life when I was struggling with some BIG unwelcome changes. I became more and more depressed and unmotivated. I felt overwhelmed by the decisions I needed to make, but I wasn’t emotionally equipped to make them. I didn’t know where my life was headed, and my sadness and distress grew to such an extent that I wasn’t capable of re-focusing or re-directing. As a result, I became numb. And stuck. And unable to change anything.

Then I received an unexpected opportunity to go on a trip. I was hesitant, but my inner voice nudged me to go, and I listened. I couldn’t have known it at the time, but immersing myself in this new environment was actually life-changing. During my time exploring, I experienced a complete paradigm shift: I saw everything from a new, fresh perspective.

A few mornings after returning, the first thoughts to form in my awakening mind were: I’m here. I’m alive. I’m grateful. I’m READY!

And my life hasn’t been the same since.

I hope these words inspire you to make 2023 the year you begin living the life you want!

Peaceful beginnings,