The Nature Of Narcissistic Rage: Understanding Outbursts And Grudges

Have you ever witnessed someone’s narcissistic rage? Speaking from experience, I’m guessing that it’s something you will not easily forget.

In my book Lemon Moms: A Guide to Understand and Survive Maternal Narcissism, I talk about the fact that narcissists are opinionated, argumentative, and defensive and have no problem confronting, criticizing, shaming, or mocking anyone who challenges or disagrees with them.

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All About Narcissistic Rage
Narcissistic anger is similar to an adult temper tantrum, except it’s dangerous. These episodes are meant to unbalance, scare and intimidate us. They consist of unexpected and uncontrollable outrage triggered by some type of narcissistic wounding. For example, if a narcissist’s self-esteem or self-worth has been hurt, rage will probably ensue. When a narcissist is caught up in this type of angry outburst, they are unreasonable and unforgiving. Their main objective at this point is to hurt and take revenge. They want to seriously punish the offender, even if it means losing a relationship or irrevocably damaging one. They want to “win” at any cost. They won’t feel regret, remorse, or any need to apologize for their volatile, hurtful, damaging, embarrassing, and attention-seeking eruption. (See How to Recognize a Narcissist.) Narcissistic rages are fear-based and can persist even after the perceived threat is gone.
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