Breaking the Chains of Isolation: Understanding, Coping, Connecting

Isolation is a multifaceted concept that encompasses a range of emotions and experiences. It can evoke feelings of loneliness, a sense of not belonging, or being ignored or shut out by others. In its essence, isolation can make us feel alone and disconnected from those around us, even when we are surrounded by people. It is like being unplugged from the world, detached, and always flying solo. This experience can leave us feeling unimportant and insignificant as if we don’t matter to anyone, not even ourselves.

The manifestations of isolation can take various forms. For instance, we may intentionally or unintentionally withdraw from social interactions, choosing to isolate ourselves from others. Alternatively, we may fail to respond when others reach out to us, further deepening our sense of isolation. By keeping our thoughts and feelings to ourselves, we also effectively isolate ourselves.

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Breaking the Chains of Isolation: Understanding, Coping, and Connecting
Isolation is a complex set of feelings and/or actions. It’s the sense of loneliness or of not belonging that we get when we feel ignored, shut-out, invisible, or like we don’t matter. If we don’t have a voice (meaning that we don’t have a “say” in a decision-making process, or if we do speak up, our input doesn’t count) we may feel alone, set apart, and separated from others. Isolation feels like disconnectedness, of being unplugged, unattached, singular, on our own, forever solo. We can feel that way even when we’re not alone. I have actually felt isolated in a room full of people! Isolation can feel as though we’re unimportant to everyone and that we matter to no-one, sometimes not even to ourselves. When we intentionally (or unintentionally) withdraw or cocoon, or we don’t respond when others’ reach out to us, (or we don’t reach out) we are cutting ourselves off from the rest of humanity. When we live inside of our heads, by not sharing our thoughts and feelings, we are practicing an act of isolation. Isolating is a type of numbing, a kind of hiding from ourselves or from reality, and it can be connected with denial.
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