Need Help Facing Your Fears?

I was talking to my daughter about how being stuck at home during the pandemic forced me to face some things about myself and others that I had tried not to acknowledge. I’m not a big avoider, but when it comes to TV and social media, whenever I’m exposed to real conflict, confrontation, or anger, I typically click off. Witnessing people engaged in heated disagreements and the resulting escalating anger, name-calling, and open disrespect makes me very uncomfortable. Conflict and confrontation are emotional triggers. I accepted my avoidance tactics because I understood where they came from. Avoidance and escape are some of my childhood survival mechanisms, and I was OK with that.

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Face Your Fears
News programs and social media can absolutely instill fear in some of us more than others. If you’ve grown up in a scary, threatening or traumatic home environment, you know what I’m talking about. I hadn’t even realized that these kinds of scenarios were emotional triggers for me until recently. I’d started purposefully seeking out and identifying my triggers awhile ago, and intentionally working to alleviate them. I recognized this as another opportunity.
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