Hidden Wounds: The Complexities of C-PTSD

It’s not surprising to hear that our personal traumatic experiences can have a significant impact on our relationships.

Trauma can affect how we communicate, trust, and connect with others and can lead to difficulties in forming and keeping healthy relationships. When we undergo a traumatic experience, it can create emotional hotspots or “triggers:” incidents or events that act as reminders of the traumatic incident. It’s important to know that these emotional hotspots vary from person to person because trauma affects each of us in unique ways.

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Hidden Wounds: The Complexities of C-PTSD
PTSD symptoms are stress-related coping mechanisms called “triggers” that are associated with hypervigilance. They’re often seen combined with non-anxiety symptoms like angry outbursts, self-destructive behavior, flashbacks, and nightmares, and they include physiological sensations like nausea or a sudden rapid heartbeat. 
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