Lemon Moms Book Study

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Sign up for the Lemon Moms Book Study! This is an online study of the book “Lemon Moms: A Guide to Understand and Survive Maternal Narcissism” with me, the author, Diane Metcalf.

We’ll start in autumn 2021, meet on Wednesday evenings (times to be determined,) and I’ll add more dates/times as I receive requests from you!

Each meeting will be online using Zoom (it’s free and you don’t have to show yourself if you don’t want to be seen.)

There are twenty-four chapters in the book, so each meeting will focus on one chapter, and we’ll go in the order they appear in the book. The full list of chapters is posted below.

Each meeting will follow a pre-set agenda that you’ll receive via email. You may send in questions ahead of time and I’ll add them to the agenda. Each meeting will be about 1 hour long, and limited to six (6) participants to keep it manageable. First come, first served~

The cost will be $10 per meeting. You may purchase meetings for only the chapters you’re interested in, or use the option to purchase the entire package of 24 meetings at a substantial savings.

If you’re interested, jump on the free waitlist now! You’ll receive more information in September.

    I look forward to meeting you!

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    List of chapters we’ll study:

    • What is a Narcissist?
    • Creating a Narcissist
    • Diagnostic Criteria
    • Types of Narcissism
    • The Traumatized Brain
    • Looking Back, Our Past
    • Narcissism Awareness Grief
    • The Narcissistic Mother
    • The Narcissistic Abuse Cycle
    • Narcissistic Lying
    • The Silent Treatment
    • Shame
    • Narcissistic Supply
    • Trauma Bonding
    • Slamming and Banging (Rages)
    • Gaslighting
    • Codependency
    • Talking with your Mother
    • C-PTSD
    • Setting Boundaries
    • Identifying Dangerous People
    • Feel It to Heal It
    • What Now?
    • A New Beginning