Start Healing Your Emotional Wounds

Healing begins with awareness, understanding, and action.

Lemon Moms, A Guide to Understand and Survive Maternal Narcissism, walks you through the chaos and confusion of maternal narcissism: what it is, what it does, and how to recover from its devastating effects. With laid back narrative, personal examples, and action-oriented steps, you’ll learn how to decode the crazy-making behavior, heal the damage, and move forward to live your best life possible. This is the book you need if you think your mom could be on the narcissism spectrum. Whether she is or isn’t, she doesn’t need a diagnosis for you to determine that your relationship is unhealthy. If you like detailed writing, personal examples, and a touch of humor, you’ll like this book.

The Lemon Moms Companion Workbook is your safe space for healing. Use it in place of a journal, or in addition to one, as you progress through the book. Expanded thought-provoking questions and action-steps help you gain insight and perspective. You’ll finally begin to recover and move forward.

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If you live with a narcissist or a toxic person, or have one in your life, you know how it can negatively affect what you say to yourself, which affects everything that you do, including how you treat yourself.

When you change your self-talk, your entire world changes!

You can reinvent yourself! I should know; I healed decades of maternal narcissistic abuse and turned my life around. You can too! What you tell yourself matters.

Written to correspond with topics in Lemon Moms: A Guide to Understand and Survive Maternal Narcissism, these affirmations will work with or without the primary book.

It’s time to take your healing a step further!

Start healing the damage by changing how you see yourself. When you change your self-talk, you literally change your mindset and perspective! Start seeing how good life can look. Start living your best life!

Introducing book #3 in the Lemon Moms Series:
Life-Altering Affirmations, Change Your Self-talk, Change YourSELF!

You can’t change others, but you can absolutely change yourself! When you go from unsupportive inner dialogue to affirming who you are as your authentic self, every day, you literally change your self-identity.

By using healing affirmations, you will begin to:

  • reinforce a new self-narrative
  • see yourself differently
  • adopt a broader definition of your “identity”
  • adopt a broader definition of your roles
  • define things like “success” differently

This book shows you the research:

  • explains how and why affirmations work
  • teaches you, step-by-step, using a simple formula, how to write effective, action-oriented healing affirmations of your own

Finally, you’ll learn how to:

  • apply the four daily fundamentals
  • make your healing affirmations resonate highly
  • use particular steps to make them the most powerful
  • make them the most effective

Over 200 pre-written healing affirmations!

Use them as-is, or personalize them using the steps provided to make them your own.

Aligns with topics discussed in book #1 “Lemon Moms: A Guide to Understand and Survive Maternal Narcissism”-

  • gaslighting and confusion
  • betrayal wounds
  • blame
  • rejection
  • shame
  • scapegoating
  • grief
  • emotional abandonment
  • anxiety
  • anger
  • triggering
  • C-PTSD
  • and cognitive dissonance.

Examines emotional regulation, self-validation, boundaries, self-trust, safety, security, and discovering your authentic self.